Vers une convergence des modèles?

une réflexion à la lumière des expériences européennes de réforme des systèmes d'enseignement supérieur

De Meulemeester Jean Luc

In this paper we compare the institutional evolution of the higher education systems in France and England from 1980 onwards. These two systems are interesting case-studies as they correspond to two topical opposite positions in terms of their elaborative structures : the French system was originally centralised whereas the English model was decentralised. The optimal way to reform higher education systems is different in both cases (and easier in a decentralised setting due to the noncooperative behaviour of higher education institutions). We show that England faced a centralising movement (especially since 1988) whereas in France a decentralising movement was a precondition for effective reforms. In a long run perspective there seems to be some convergence between the 2 models as well as institutional change.

Type Working paper
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  • Europe as an Area of Economic and Social Regulation
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Publisher ULB, DULBEA
Publication date 2008
  • reform – higher education - comparison
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