ULBLEU, our virtual library, is a database that gathers all research, outreach and publications produced at the Université libre de Bruxelles on the European Union, by researchers and academics affiliated to the Institute for European Studies at the ULB. 

One of the main features of our research agenda is its interdisciplinarity. It emanates from a dynamic process in which the IEE-ULB Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence and its partner faculties (Philosophy and Social Sciences, Law and Criminology and Solvay Brussels School – Economics and Management) define the work that you can now consult at the one-stop-window that is ULBLEU. 

Our research revolves around four main themes:

This is precisely how the publications are organised in ULBLEU, by theme, but also by author, title or tags. All is powered by a platform that feeds directly from Di-fusion, the institutional repository of the ULB, but also features non-academic, multimedia content. 
ULBLEU is a product of the IEE-ULB Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence.

Who is ULBLEU for? 

UBLEU can be a great source of up-to date research on the European Union for MA students, early stage researchers, researchers, academics, the media, EU professionals as well as any party interested in learning more about the European Union.